Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Election fever

Finally, the general election has rolled around. Get out and vote people! Polls open in a matter of hours in one of the closest fought elections in decades. And I'm bloody sick of it!

We've been working on the Guardian candidates widget thingy (formerly known as Aristotle) for nearly a year, and intensely for the past three or four months, gathering candidate info from the main parties, but because the list of nominations isn't finalised until a couple of weeks before the election there was a vast amount of work that couldn't be done until the past fortnight.

I just hope Guardian readers appreciate the mammoth amount of work that we (me, Holly and Lucy, and Lauren before us) put in. And the tech team of course! Thank goodness we can forget all about it after the weekend.

Unless there's a hung parliament, in which case we could be doing it all over again sooner than we think. Um...

Monday, 3 May 2010

Oh baby

I've been a bit distracted recently (we're having another baby, hurrah!) but I'm back on the blog now so I'll try to be good from now on, promise.

All's good with the baby so far, and I'm finally over the morning sickness and feeling human again. The 20-week scan is in three weeks, really looking forward to seeing the baby again!