Monday, 12 January 2009

Golden Globes - it's all about the frocks

Poor Anne Hathaway, losing out to Kate Winslet at the Golden Globes after a computer error had named her best actress the day before. Just to rub it in, Kate won for best supporting actress too, for her part in The Reader. And Kate definitely won in the style stakes - Anne looks like she's disappearing before our eyes with that severe hairstyle and tight bodice.

Best dressed: Drew Barrymore looked amazing, and Vanessa Hudgens looked great in a vintage-style frock that was a world away from her High School Musical gear.

Highly commended: Melissa George stood out in a sea of glitter and oversized dresses, and Rumor Willis proved she scrubs up well (how hard must it be when your Mum is still a red carpet regular?).

Best dressed man: No one else could pull off such a bizarre look, but Mickey Rourke looked fab compared to the bland black suit/tie combos of all the other men.

Worst dressed: Renee Zellweger seems to have forgotten her top half, Heidi Klum should stop dressing like a twelve-year-old and Penelope Cruz had a rare off-day.


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  2. I agree that Mickey Rourke's ensemble was an aesthetically satisyfying break from the norm, it's just a shame his face looks such a mess. He looks like he had surgery done by blind children with grapefruit spoons.

  3. Ha ha! A fitting description. The Wrestler is meant to be a blinder though, wonder how autobiographical it is?