Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Year of pleasures #1

My old college friend (and now baby and blog friend) Aimee pinched this idea from her friend, who pinched it from Elizabeth Berg, and now I'm pinching it from her. The idea is to blog once a week or so on something that makes you happy, or that you're grateful for, as a way of looking on the bright side. It may be a little bit 'self-help book' for your tastes but I like the idea so tough cookies.

So I'll start with an obvious one - my two babies - who are happy (most of the time) and healthy (if a little snotty at the moment) and generally adorable (puke, right?). Logan told me last week, "I love Ella so much, I want to cuddle her all day and kiss her all day." I melt.


  1. What a beautiful family! Did they like their presents? Sorry they weren't wrapped. FAIL!

  2. I'm so tickled pink to see you're doing this too, Katy!

  3. Sorry, just spotted your post! They loved the presents Kait, I'm trying to load a few videos to facebook but failing so far.

    Aimee - it's a great idea! I know I'll run out of obvious ideas soon, but then I'm quite looking forward to finding the little day-to-day pleasures you don't always think about.