Monday, 4 April 2011

Mama's little baby loves shortnin', shortnin'...

Ella was six months old last week. How did she get here so quickly?! With Logan the early days really seemed to drag but this time round I can't believe she's so grown up already. She's already starting to lose her baby ways, sitting up, desperate to crawl.

And we've started weaning, which is such a milestone. So far so good! Ella has inherited the Stoddard appetite and hasn't turned her nose up at anything so far (although it's spinach tomorrow so we'll see!).

There's so much conflicting information out there about weaning. As with so much else around baby-rearing, numerous experts feel the need to weigh in with advice on how our children should be raised, creating yet another stick with which to beat new mothers (and fathers) over the head.

If you wean too early (before the magical six-month mark) or too late (after the magical six-month mark) you're risking dangerous food allergies or depriving your little one of essential nutrients which, if you believe some commentators, is tantamount to child abuse.

The thing is, every baby is different. They develop at different speeds, and what is right for one won't be right for another. The six-month marker is just a guideline; what's more important is knowing your child and recognising the cues she gives you that she is ready for food. Trust in your instincts and in yourself, because only you really know what your baby needs, and when.


  1. Rachel Wheeler5 April 2011 at 19:51

    A little early for me to be thinking of weaning Esme (!) but I will definitely be taking your advice to stay relaxed and play it by ear. I stopped reading baby and pregnancy books a few months ago because they just made me cry!!

  2. Hi Rachel, congratulations! Loving the baby pics Grilly is posting, she's adorable! Hope Esme is letting you get a bit of rest occasionally :-)
    Baby books can be useful as a starting point but I remember getting really down when Logan wouldn't conform to the routine when he was tiny. I was much happier when I put the books away and realised he was far too small for routines!