Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Bbc staff at Glastonbury

Tut tut Nigel! And tut tut me for posting a sideways image, sorry.

It really is ridiculous all the sanctimonious drivel that's been written about the BBC's expenses in the papers this week (except Peter Preston's column in Sunday's Obs, which of course was ace). I'd like to know the details of the meal Jeremy Paxton spent 231 quid on as much as the next person, but everyone knows that's what expenses are for in the media world - buttering up star reporters, taking clients to lunch, wining and dining contacts in the hope of wheedling stories out of them.

Not one of the journalists criticising the BBC hasn't done the same thing themselves, and most of their editors earn a lot more than Mark Thomson for running much smaller corporations. They're just copying the Telegraph's MPs' expenses model and trying to win some of the glory for themselves.

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