Monday, 8 June 2009

Hanging out at Stanley's

We had a really fun weekend in Brighton - left London as the rain started and headed back just in time to avoid the rain in Brighton yesterday! Hung out in the sunshine with James, Sarada and Stanley, Jo ("more Jo!" was Logan's continuous refrain) and Nigel, and had a semi-successful barbecue.

The hotel was appalling btw - we booked a night at the Grand which should have been fab but the promised babysitting service didn't exist, so we had to take Logan out for the night instead. And the thermostat in the room didn't work. Not impressed.


  1. I think "more Jo" is understandable given that there are several of us

  2. It was really lovely to see you, what a cute picture xxx I also can't believe we had no ketchup in the house, whatever next!

  3. I still have sand in my shoes.