Monday, 16 August 2010

Back to blogging

Wow, I'm rubbish at blogging at the moment! Really must make more effort. Once I'm on maternity leave I'll have days of nothing stretching before me (well, weeks at least) so I'll get back into it then. And I promise not to blog too much about babies. Maybe just a little.

Four weeks to go at work (12 days and counting, definitely counting...). It's always crazy busy now there are only four of us in the office, so it'll be nice to be able to switch off completely for a few weeks before the baby comes along.

I should probably be planning all sorts of fun activities for me and Logan while we're still just a threesome but frankly he's better off in nursery three days a week than stuck in the flat all the time with a grumpy sleepy me!

I do have a few projects for him though, that we can carry on after the baby's born. In the last few months he's taken a real interest in cameras, and we've got a collection of pics he's taken on my phone on the way to nursery, and ones he's taken on his camera while we're out and about. I'm going to get a scrapbook and help him stick in photos of all his favourite things and places. Hopefully, eventually, the new baby will feature!

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