Monday, 15 November 2010

And the world turns

So it's been a while since I blogged, again! This year has just flown by, the older you get yada yada.

So much can change in a couple of months. Las time I posted I had a growing belly and another month at work and bam! Here I am, two months through my maternity leave already and a new 6-week-old little being who relies solely on me for sustenance.

Second time around, newborns are so much easier. I'm not saying I'm not tired and occasionally emotional but a lot of the hard work - nappies, baths, dressing - comes naturally the second time. I'm definitely appreciating how straightforward newborns are - as long as you feed them and change them and help them to sleep, they're pretty amenable, and portable!

I still have moments that overwhelm me, but if I compare this time with Ella to how ill I was with Logan (no mastitis this time, phew), I'm pretty lucky. I think about friends who have coped with very ill babies, or coped on their own, and I realise actually I have nothing to complain about.

So what if Ella won't settle to sleep in the afternoon? Or if she's up four times in the night (which is rare for her, she's an ace nighttime sleeper)? This baby stage is so short. Before I know it she'll be sitting up, crawling, eating solids... I'm determined to appreciate every sleep-deprived second.

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